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Wireless Fractional Flow Reserve (wFFR)

A non-invasive real-time FFR calculator

A portable, handheld and touchscreen medical device to integrate into your CathLab


Remote Ischemic Conditioning (RIC)

A protable and fully automated device to administer a patient-specific remote ischemic conditioning in ambulance and hospital

Bio-Engineering Core Lab

Design clinical software & hardware to integrate into existing medical devices

Purpose-specific medical image processing: Ultrasound, X-Ray, CT, MRI, PET and Angiography 

Biomedical Modellings

Multi-scale simulation of haemodynamics in blood vessels, aerodynamics in human airways

Build accurate human models, optimum choice of computational method, data mining of massive clinical data


Design and Custom-Make Prototype of Medical Devices​​​​​​​

Conceptualize, Initialize and Test Feasibility of your Ideas for new Clinical Equipment


Medical Electronics and

Hardware Design

Software Development for Medical and Clinical Applications

Manage your clinical trials and analyze patients' clinical data into quantifiable outputs

Computer Modelling and Multiscale Simulation of Human Pathophysiology

Our Missions ...

Public Health

Improve patients' wellbeing by reducing the need for invasive procedures

Patients' Safety

Engineer, computerize and quantify medical procedures to minimize clinical errors

Assist Clinicians

Meticulously interpret and crunch clinical data for better clinical management

Innovative Approach

Conceptualize and design state-of-the-art medical platforms to serve clinical community