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Prototype Medical Devices

At Medicor Lab, as an early stage innovation hub for medical device, we design and build a prototype that is best aligned with your target medical product, to demonstrate functionality and to serve as a testing platform. These prototypes can be seen as an initial design of a commercial product to ensure that all aspects of the product specification are met.

Prototypes are built for the purpose of

Testing to check if the concept is technically feasible and works in practice,
Facilitating further research and development,

Developing the first iteration of a commercial sample for pre-sales agreements, patenting and attracting investment bodies.

Medical Concepts Development

At Medicor Lab we assist you with early-stage conceptual development to final assembly and manufacture of medical devices. The conceptual Development is an essential step prior to development of any devices including medical equipment.

This step is for flashing out concepts and exploring various implementation options. This will help identify and address any technical issues at early stages which will significantly reduce development time and cost.

With this service, we work on your ideas for a new medical device to determine whether or not the concept is technically feasible and practical.

At the end of this phase, we provide you with a detailed product pecification plan which includes all required technical requirements.

This is a very helpful stage in aligning the product implementation with your target market and in taking a step forward to decide whether or not to move forward with the product development.

Medical Electronics &

               Hardware Design

The design process involved in creation of a medical device is unique and requires engineers and medical professionals to work together to bridge the gap between engineering and medicine. At Medicor Lab we work closely with medical professionals to overcome this issue.

With our expertise in medical electronic devices we develop hardware, from analog, digital, and mixed-signal design to high-performance, high-frequency applications, based on your design specification in order to alleviate risks early and allow pre-testing in the project.

Clinical Software and Applications

At Medicor Lab we have experience and expertise in custom design software tools to cater to your medical needs. We produce high quality and technologically

advanced solutions for a variety of medical/clinical specialties. We assist you in turning your ideas for medical software into a compliant, reliable, safe and secure software platform. Our services entail

- Drafting a technical brief of your project

- Prototyping and troubleshooting the initial version of your software

- Validation of methods with available clinical studies 

- Design a graphical interface of your choice 

- Final road tests for accuracy and robustness

Manage Clinical Trials

Managing a clinical trial project requires handling many responsibilities including

- Understanding the key position that randomised controlled trials play in translation research.

- Being able to classify a clinical research study appropriately and have an understanding of the associated regulatory framework.

- Being able to develop a detailed trial protocol compliant with all applicable regulations.

- Understanding the lifecycle of a clinical trial including development of detailed project plans, understanding the approvals process, the importance of a statistical analysis plan, data management plan and risk based trial monitoring

In Medicor Lab we provide you with the information, requirements, techniques, tips and inside knowledge needed to effectively coordinate and manage trials at an investigational site and to take a trial from ethics submission to managing multi-centred studies for a range of clinical trials.

Computer Modelling of Human Pathophysiology

At Medicor Lab we have extensive experience in developing in silico platforms for pathophysiological disorders. We use commercially available software packages or develop in-house advanced simulation algorithms for analysis of human disease on nano to macro scales.

With our national and international collaborators we have undertaken a number of multicentre projects on heart and brain diseases.

We assist you in

 - Developing custom in silico tools for your projects

 - Performing literature reviews of existing products, material and concepts

 - Analysing your patients' clinical data into quantifiable outputs